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Hi, my name is Diah. You can call me Diah, or Didi.

This blog is actually a place for me to write any thought about book. Whether about the story, the character, or the cover. I love reading books, especially romance. I kinda try to read any genre/book, but still, I love harlequin, historical and contemporary romance best. When the mood strikes, I read other genre, mostly self-help, spiritual or how-to. I rarely read paranormal, especially erotica, since I'm not really into it. Sometimes I enjoy reading it as long as it has a strong emotional bounding between characters, has a wonderful plot, not too violence and/or vulgar. What can I say, I'm a bit conservative. I like it wicked, but not too much. :)

I always love the-happy-ending story, for I'm a melancholic and sometimes I get so depress after reading a sad-ending one and think about if-only-scenario for days. Couldn't help myself not to. Also, whenever I read one book I enjoy so much, sometimes I just stick to the author and try to read most of her/his books before I move on to another author. :p

I don't make review regularly, mostly because I'm too lazy to form words. Even when I write it, mostly it usually has to do with my feelings, experiences while reading it. I'm not really great in understanding plot and so on. The way I rate a book most of the time depends on the mood when I read it. That's why I could certainly changed my mind (and rating) after reading the second time. So I must say it would be a bit subjective (I will put the objective review, but I will certainly put my subjective feeling when I feel one). Just remember that it can be vary from time to time. So please don't take it too personally if somehow it's not okay for you. I guess I'm not much a reviewer for most of the time I only write my feelings (and my thoughts) toward the book. 

Since English is my second language, please do understand if you saw any mistake in spell or grammar. I'm open to any correction if you find one so that I could learn to write it right. :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading this.

My Favorite Genres:
Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Harlequin Romance

My Favorite Authors:

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