Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Emma Gavin writes about werewolves, but that doesn't mean she believes in them-not until a pack of real-life New York weres decide to investigate the striking accuracy of her "fiction".

When Aiden Wallace, son and heir of the pack leader, tries to sniff out Emma's potential informant, he discovers something even more dangerous- an undeniable attraction to her.

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Publisher: Signet
Published: 04 January 2011
Format: Paperback 324 pages
Categories: Horror Romance (Adult/18+ only)
ISBN 13: 9780451232472

I must say, this was my very first reading about werewolf, a shifter. I mean, I did read once Wicked Woods where there were vampires and werewolf, but never specifically a shifter. I'm not really into paranormal genre. Still not, I guess. It's the Vicki Lewis Thompson that made my bought the whole series, even when I didn't really like paranormal. Besides, I kinda liked the kind of these covers.  I have them for months on my shelf and decided to read it in 2013 to fulfill the challenge on reading series I've been wanting for so long. 

Where to start? Hmm... I was pretty excited when I found out the heroine, Emma, is an author who wrote romance fiction about werewolf. And I loved Aidan. Well, maybe it's because the alpha thing, although I think there are so many heroes who's more alpha than Aidan, at least on the way he's described. I think Aidan is so sweet. And specifically, rich. One Aidan for me, please!
But ... I didn't really like Emma. At first I did. I mean, it's not like I hated her, it's just that she's not ... that lovable. Maybe she's realist, the kind who enjoying the moment while you still can. But I still didn't really think doing it while you know he belongs to someone else  is right. Of course, it's not official, the arrangement between Nadia and Aidan (You can see the arrangement right? That Nadia's name is mirrored to Aidan's), and he doesn't love her anyway. So maybe I can't say that he practically belongs to her. But still... I don't know. Maybe it's just my subjective feeling interfering.

I was curious and kept reading at first because I wondered how the moment when Emma found out about Aidan was going to be described. As it turned out, it's not that exciting. Her reaction was like a bit too flat for my taste. She must be one very brave woman. And the moment when Aidan came to realize that she's the one was also not that ... mmm, I can't find the exact words. The other disappointing part was ... at first you'd kept reading about the sexual tension and attraction between them. It was described pretty detail. But when it comes to the binding thing after Aidan confessed his love to Emma and Emma agreed to be his mate (or wife), it wasn't described at all. And I wanted details since it's been said that the werewolf have to do it in a certain position to create the binding thing with his mate

So I must say, I loved the beginning. But the end was like, that's it? 
So it's only 3.5 half stars from me. Mostly because I loved Aidan, the cover, and the author. Not very objective, huh? 

But I did start the next book of the series right away. I wanted to know about Roarke, Aidan's little brother. I'm still not really into this genre/theme, but I started to find another series/books about werewolf or shifter to read. Any recommendation perhaps? But I might want to avoid erotica, please. I'm definitely a vanilla type. :D

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