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Review: Look-A-Like Lawman by Glynna Kaye

Look-A-Like Lawman by Glynna Kaye
(Texas Twins, #4) 
Paperback, Large Print, 288 pages
Published September 18th 2012 by Love Inspired

When big-city cop Grayson Wallace visits an elementary school for career day, he finds his heartstrings unexpectedly tugged by a six-year-old fatherless boy. Gray offers to mentor the child, but widowed mother Elise Lopez wants nothing to do with men in uniform. Now he can't get the struggling Lopezes off his mind. All he can think about is what family means—especially after discovering the identical twin brother he hadn't known he had in Grasslands. Maybe a trip to ranch country is just what he, Elise and little Cory need.


My very first of Glynna Kaye, and I enjoyed reading this.
I must admit that it took me by surprise because, well, after reading so many romance novels with a hot steamy and full of sexual encounters, this book was actually a clean romance, with very little kissing scenes. The reason I bought this book? Merely because it had Paul Marron on the cover! I didn't know that it's part of series. I even didn't bother to actually read the back cover. :D
So the series talked about siblings which consisted of two sets of twin and one younger brother. When these two set of twins were very little, the parents separated and took each one of the twins. The father, Brian, took Grayson and Maddie, while the mother, Belle, took Jack and Violet. Four of them just found out when they're adult that they actually have twins. The series were written by different actors. The link between these books, aside that they were siblings, was about the mystery behind the the parentage issue and separation when the parents were young.

As to Grayson himself, as the lead in this book, he's a cop with great characters who met a little Cory, whose father died in a duty as a cop. The widow, Elise, didn't want anything to do with a cop since she didn't think she could handle the agony being a cop's wife. 
The story line was easy to predict, but I really enjoyed reading because it was flowing nicely. I liked both characters, Grayson and Elise, since they're realistic enough. I could actually related to their fears, emotions, hopes and the chemistry. There were times I felt like shaking Elise for trying to be tough and trying to take distance to Grayson. But it's so understandable.

Another surprise for me was that there were lots of sentences talked about God, about how things could be His way to make them see something. There were quite few how the characters prayed silently. I didn't mean it in a preaching way. But maybe that's because I read very different kind of romances previously. :D
One thing I learned for sure, is about to have faith in God, to have faith to receive things bravely. Because most of the time, the fear we have inside was because we lack of trust in God. Noted!

It's a quick sweet and heart-warming reading. I can't wait to read the other books, especially the last one since it's about their parents. There were six of them. This book is the forth.

*NOTE: like most of my reviews, this one could be subjective. 

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