Saturday, April 20, 2013

And the Winners Are ....

First, I'd like to thank you to everyone who has participated in the giveaway(s)!  I appreciated every one of my followers. But it's pretty sad that I still found some false/fake entries. Either they're still new to this Rafflecopter thing, or, they just don't think I'd check. Well, if I did miss the entries (sometimes it's just too much. Next time I'd have to simplify it), considered them lucky. If not, well ... they'd never know what they're missing. So I have to disqualified her/him (though I'm 99.99% it's a SHE. :D) and picked a new winner.

I really hope you will stick around for I'm planning to have at least 2 giveaways every month, either by participating in any hop or not. At least that's all I can do considering for the next months I'm not sure I'd be able to read any books (fiction) so I probably won't write any reviews. Not that I'm that productive anyway. Hahahahaha... But since I'm working on my final papers and I really really need to graduate this year, I guess there are things I need to sacrifice. At least for a short time. Can you really imagine not reading a book??? Come to think of it, I'm not so sure I can do that. :D
But one thing I know, even if I don't get to read, reading reviews (or any post) from my fellow book bloggers is pretty entertaining. I really really enjoy it.

Enough with the chit chat. Let me announce the winner(s)

Winner for April No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop is ... 

Entry #354 Tamara A.

and for my monthly giveaway:

Winners for Monthly April Giveaway: Join Bloglovin' and Follow Me are ... 

Entry #88 Nara L 
Entry #611 Julie M

Congratulations for the winners. Three of you won $10 Amazon GC or book(s) up to $10 from The Book Depository.
Email have been sent to them and they have 48 hours to respond or new winner(s) will be chosen.

For everyone who has participated the giveaway, thank you very much, and please stay tune. You may have your chance next time. As for my monthly giveaway (separated from any giveaway hop I'm participating), I'm planning to have at least 2 winners. :)

So look forward for the next giveaways soon. ^^
Thank you. Love you!


  1. i could understand error ( for example sometimes gfc change the way i appears putting my gfc name and sometime smy google + one arg i don't like that!!!)
    but cheating no....we all want to win of course but cheating isn't fair, we all have the entry we can and that's all no need to start going against the others that way

    congrats to the others and don't worry i will keep following your blog ^^

    1. Yes, you're right about the error. And I know most people don't cheat. Besides, I start getting familiar with book bloggers, so I believe they won't do such things. :) But I notice that there's some people who didn't do the right thing, maybe because they're new or not quiet familiar with RC or giveaway, because after I checked, they entered all the entry, but I couldn't find the name/id they put and there's only 1 right entry. It's just made me sad knowing that they could actually won. :(

      Anyway, thank you for your support, Miki. ^^

    2. true and from another blogger i've learned it's often the same culprits ( on one hop she entered 57 times ^^;;)

      don't worry you won't loose anyone because you are careful or because you are busy during a time either^^
      i'm really happy to have found your blog

    3. 57 times? wow!
      Thank you, Miki. So glad to hear. And I'm happy, too, to find bloggers like you. ^^